The Manager's Vision
Clever Synergy

When we started Clever Synergy our goal was clear: to build a dynamic ecosystem where people and resources could converge, breaking down traditional sectoral barriers.

Today, we are proud to say that we’ve not only achieved this goal but much more.

On this journey, we have discovered that it’s not about professional connections, but human bonds as well. Every encounter, every dialogue, has the potential to create a lasting impact.

We are grateful for every individual who chose to be part of our network, contributing to collective growth and the realization of our shared dreams.

Federico Sommella

CEng, Naval Architect – Technical Manager

Reliable Services

Ethical Reputation

Attentive Communication

In accordance with ISO 9001 quality management standards, the activities on the field can be managed through the use of proprietary and customized applications, based on advanced cloud technologies.

Clever Synergy

Solid know-how

With deep technical knowledge we can offer a unique perspective to allocate the right resources to each job.

Reliable Approach

We offer a flexible approach based upon use of innovative methodologies and a respectful code of professional conduct.

Quick Response

With a lean structure we provide our customers with quick response both for planing and executing each activity.

Proven Experience

Thanks to several years of experience we know how to recognize potential threats and implement the right actions to mitigate them.

Tailored Rates

We carefully analyze each project and pick up the most suitable team to tackle it. This means specialized assistance and competitive rates.

Professional Management

Our management team has multidisciplinary skills and well established relations with regulatory bodies.